DIFEMSA, as distributor of Massenza in Spain, has delivered to Alvargonzalez Contratas company one Massenza Type E asphalt spraying tank of 12,000 litres. 

One of the main advantages of Massenza spraying tanks is that the heating of the emulsion is carried out completely throughout the unit, from the product tank itself to the spray ramp where the diffusers are located, which allows, at the end of the working day or during longer stops, do not have to empty or recirculate the product inside the tank. The heating occurs uniformly and at the same temperature throughout the circuit, until the product leaves the spraying bar.

FCC Mersey UK.

Execution of Board at Viaduct Mersey in England with two NRS Movable Scaffolding System (MSS) with a length of spans of 70 m.
Main Technical Data

  1. Type of superstructure (section): P.S.C. Box-Girder
  2. Span Length: Start and End span: 49.58m., 70.00m., 56.00m., 68.00m.
  3. Typical span: 49.58m., 56.00m. 64.167m., 67.667m., 68.00m., 70.00m.
  4. Maximum launching distance: 70m.
  5. Min. Horizontal radius: 697m
  6. Max. Longitudinal slope: ±0.764 % (can work to a higher slope)
  7. Max crossfall (superelevation): 5%.
  8. Tallest pier (height in m): 27.848m. (can work to a higher pier)
  9. Section constant or variable:  Variable (change web&bottom slab thickness at blister)
  10. Deck width (m): 18.665m. (1st casting stage by MSS only)
  11. Bottom box width: 7.8m.
  12. Deck height (m): 4.406m. typical and varies from 4.406 to 4.600 m.
  13. Span weight: for 70m. typical span = 29,150kN.
    • (Concrete density 25kN/m3)
    • Concrete weight at pier area not included.

  • We guarantee the best results
  • We guarantee the best results
  • We guarantee the best results

Supply of two new 6,000 and 12,000 litre asphalt emulsion irrigation tanks to the company EIFFAGE INFRAESTRUCTURAS, one for its Delegation in Madrid and the other for the Delegation of Elche (Alicante).